Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things that I like... - Magazines that make me THINK!

At challenging times like these I believe it is essential for everyone to find strength in their lives...some sort of re-discovery of things that make life more interesting, special or worth trucking along. In the spirit of eating my own dog food, I decided to do mini-posts here of things that I appreciate. The list will naturally keep growing which may have the welcome side effect of making me feel richer over time :)

For today, I'd like to recognize some of the print publications I have come to appreciate over time:
Great critical thinking of our times as the dominant species on the planet ranging from literature and pop culture to economics and politics.
This one's always a gem full of insightful articles telling the real story of an increasingly coalescing world mixed in with awe-inspiring visuals. I am simply unable to throw any of the issues away hoping that I'll catch up on the reading if I get a life extension :)
A great summary of goings on any business professional should know. To me it is a 30 minuted slide presentation - an executive summary of the business world last week. Like the international coverage but could use more of it. They should try doing special reports like The Economist.
Required reading for people trading the markets. Very high quality editorial sometimes sabotaged by their political biases.
This one's not been a statue of consistency but most often it produces enough thought provoking hits during the year to be noteworthy of readership. Lately I have been paying less attention though.
I find the outtake on the world policy issues very balanced. The authors are very well respected foreign policy intellectuals.

So here goes...these are some of my favorite things!

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