Monday, September 10, 2007

Hei polveutua Helsinforg!

I am here in beautiful Helsinki for the 1st time. People are very friendly and the weather is much much better than what I was bracing for. Pretty soon I will be presenting @ Mobile Monday Global Summit on the topic 'The Future of Mobile Communities'.
If you are interested, you're welcome to download my presentation here.
And of course definitely let me know of your thoughts too.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

MyStrands TV is Here!

If you are a music video fan and have fond memories of excessive MTV watching in your teen years along with you high school buddies, then you're in for an early Xmas :)
Check out the latest from MyStrands. MyStrands TV will adapt to your taste the more you are on it and who knows it may even find out that special video you dedicated to your sweetheart in 1987!!!

MyStrands Social Player - Symbian Version

MyStrands Social Player have won kudos from industry experts for its daring vision in making mobile music a social experience that carries on to complimentary platforms such as the web and desktop. MSP was recently awarded the Orange Innovation Award.
Download and enjoy your music with a few new twists!